"I have a serious obsession with eyebrows and I call it browfection." - Zendaya

I asked one of my models from a few years back, Alex, her opinion on a well defined brow. These images of her (on the right) were taken after we applied a very defined brow for the first time. She's been wearing a shapely brow ever since! ... Here's what she has to say about it now. (See a pic of her natural, makeup free brow here.)

"Brows are just as important to frame your eyes as eyelashes. You might feel like your brows look great in the mirror but on camera they most likely look too thin or fair. Filling them in is an absolute must in order to create the face-framing and contour that enhances your overall make-up application." -Alexandria K.

Sophie sports a natural thicker brow.  Her tom-boy style (see the rest of her shoot here) made an unexpected pair with smooth, flowing hair and a electric red-orange lip. More about choosing a lip color here. Her sweater and leopard fur I found for her at Zara and her lip color is Nars in "Heat Wave". Bonus, a really old shot of Sophie  from my archive, It's totally candid and I can't stop staring!

Our little sibling site, Charming Child, even thinks a defined eyebrow is a "must". Montana and Ivy also promote our nod to the defined brow!

Kristen's brow is delicate yet well defined. A strong brow isn't for everyone and we applaud her choice in definition. (pictured above with Caffe Vita.)

Jaclyn (see all of her beauty shoot here) has enhanced her brow with Tarte's Amazon Clay Waterproof Brow Mousse and Benefit's Gimme BROW ... a duo we think is perfect to hold even the wildest of hairs in place all day.

Marissa also shows off a natural, defined brow and is wearing Nars lipstick in color "damage". Her jacket is Lauren Conrad Collection and Kyle's sweater is  Top Man and his tee Calvin Kline(More from Marisa's shoot here.)

Whether you need to tame, lengthen or add to a sparse eyebrow, you'll hardly notice the extra time in your daily routine but the drama it adds to your eyes will be well worth it! Catch you next week. -Laura

(*We have not been paid to endorse these products. All of these opinions are our own.)

Alex gets cheeky with her Cream and Flutter cupcake, beautiful vintage fur and necklace from Forever 21... Those eyes!!

On a recent shopping trip Jaclyn and I planned for two very special clients, we decided to take them to the Benefit Bar to try a product we are currently obsessing over. Here is what Ellen had to say about Gimme BROW...

"I have light thin brows and have always wanted thicker darker more defined brows. Well with gimme BROW I now have them! I love this product  because its easy to apply, the color looks very natural, does not smudge, stays on all day, keeps brows in place, dries quickly and is easy to take off at night.

This is such a terrific and simple-to-use product. It has become one of my must have/everyday basic products. I will never use anything else. Love it!!" - Ellen B.

Gimme BROW before and afters, thanks to Benefit.com

Gimme BROW before and afters, thanks to Benefit.com