Its been a wild six months of changes over here. A new business idea has been brewing for eight months and I was thrilled to finally share it this Valentines Day.

Charming in Love is your ultimate wedding photography service. It pairs all the detailed services that Everyday Charming offers just for the couple. You are matched with our photo coordinator who becomes your right hand from that moment until your wedding day, and even beyond for our anniversary sessions. Our wedding photo coordinator helps you plan for the best possible photo results from clothing choices, flattering styles and scheduling. Get the nitty gritty here. Our promise is digital files ready within ten days of your celebration.

What else have we been up to? ...

Last September I launched a children's lifestyle photography brand called Charming Child with a team of energetic creatives. We document the lives of some crazy, cool kids and their parents. Read some of their stories here. "Awwwws" fly back and forth between the photographers, editor and I over the sheer cuteness our littlest clients bring across our screens.


By the time the leaves started to fall Everyday Charming was officially offering hair styling and make up services for photo shoots. Even though I've been doing this on my shoots impromptu for years it was time to upgrade to a spiffy airbrush make up system. Let me tell you, this little machine is amazing!! You can see some of the results here.

November came rushing in with a new clothing stylist for Everyday Charming. Read more about Jaclyn here and see a few of her styled mood boards here. Lately, we've been playing dress up in our clients' closets; helping them restyle their old clothes into fresh outfits and creating a shopping list for a few missing pieces they might need. More on that in the upcoming weeks.

Hmmm, what else? Oh, right! I'm getting married in just 18 days!! 

Each of these new endeavors are inspirations from where I'm finding myself in life. Being an aunt to two wild nephews has enlightened me to what melts parents hearts, especially in photos. Our Charming Child crew is dedicated to capturing those crazy moments that are happening RIGHT NOW at your house.

Making plans for my own wedding I've realized just how much photo planning is involved ... in even a tiny destination wedding. I've become the "client" and I'm nearly paralyzed trying to make the best decisions for our photos. I wish I could step outside of being the "client" and into my familiar shoes of coordinating photos. I would reassure myself, "Yes, you should wear this and NOT that!" or "Try this idea instead, its much more flattering!" I would tell myself to relax and focus on enjoying the day. So selfishly, I have created this role of photo coordinator first for myself! I clearly needed the coaching and this is what I do for a living!! Hah, is this why the carpenter always has unfinished projects at his own house?  If I am having this many issues planning for my own photos, surely this would be the best service. I sincerely hope our photo coordinator can bring you as many smart solutions as she has for me.