How would you describe your daily style? 


"My day to day outfits are mostly laid back - skinny jeans, t-shirt, and a pair of vans.  A few days throughout the week I try a little harder. The night before school I pick out my outfit - black jeans, v neck, jacket, and my boots - simple yet tomboy/chic, just how I like it."


What did you think of your photo shoot make up? Was it different then your everyday look?


"I loved my photo shoot makeup, it was simple like I usually have it but with bold aspects. Doing my own makeup in the morning is rushed. I use coverup, powder, mascara, and occasionally eye liner. Nothing to major so I look more natural."

We LOVE mixing glam and tomboy pieces. Can you tell us about your sneakers? What did you think about mixing leather and fur with them?


"I wear my sneakers pretty much everyday. Either one pair of my many vans or some nikes. I like to dress up my sneakers and I'm a huge fan of leather jackets so that outfit was my favorite. Mixing the sneakers and fur was also a sweet look that I'd wear any day."

Picture this… we cut you loose with my credit card on Michigan Ave. What are the first three things you would buy?


"YES! Dream come true, hah ha. Of course, I would go for the shoes first! I've always wanted a pair of Birkenstocks or Clark ankle boots. After shoes I would buy a dress. A pretty new dress makes any girl feel good about themselves. Lastly, I would buy a pair of jogger sweatpants, cute and comfy (my fav)."


Did you mean to keep Laura's double sided pearl earrings? 


"Hmmm not exactly! Honestly I didn't mean to but they did come in handy on picture day. hah ha"


What has been the most embarrassing thing to happen to you in high school so far?


"Oh, gosh. So many embarrassing moments. One I can remember is spraining my ankle on a bouncy house and having to ride a motorized cart around Menard's and Shop and Save the next day. Everyone was staring!"

Best moment of High School?


"All of my best moments involve my friends or family. One would have to be during sophomore year when my track 4x8 team made it to state. Our relay consisted of me and three other seniors, one being my sister Gab. All four of us became the "Dream Team." We may have not been the best out there but we definitely had the most fun."

Black or Brown?


"Black. Definitely black. I'm not goth, but it's one of my favorite colors to wear because it goes with nearly everything."


Chunky or smooth peanut butter?


"That's an easy one, smooth. Best served with a banana either sliced up or in a sandwich with Nutella."

What did you think about wearing lipstick and a baseball cap?


"I love wearing hats but I'm not much of a lipstick girl. Although for this shoot it was spot on. I may have got it all over my coffee cup but good thing Laura was there to constantly reapply. ;)"


How do you feel about hamburgers? Plain or with pickles?


"I like everything except pickles and onion. Whether it's Burger King or in and out, I'll devour it."

So, we have heard rumors that the people living in your house have a Pepsi addiction. When do you remember having your first taste? Was it in a baby bottle? 


"Wow, that seems like forever ago, hah ha! I never had it in a bottle because I just went straight for the can! But, for real, I use to get happy meals all the time and it came with a little cup of Pepsi. I still used a sippy cup but it was filled with a mix of 1/8 Pepsi and the rest water. Sounds disgusting now that I think about it!"

Favorite movie of all times?


"That's a tough one. Mostly romantic comedies. One that I could watch again and again would have to be, "The Proposal" or "John Tucker Must Die". Maybe even, "You Again". I don't know there's too many!"


How many speeding tickets?


"None... Yet."


What is one thing someone has done to make you feel most special?


"About 2 years ago I was baptized at Harvest Bible Chapel. Everyone I love came the the service which made it even better. The best part was being able to be baptized with my older sister Gabrielle. It was an awesome experience we got to share and something I will never forget."


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