Describe your day to day style:

My style is changing all the time. I love buying classic pieces and pairing them with fun trendy items. Also, I have to be comfortable. I am very into leggings, flowy tunics, layering, and boxy sweaters right now. A trend I am absolutely loving are florals!! I have always been drawn to them as well as other prints, and have been so exited to see fall and winter florals out with beautiful rich colors. 

How did you feel the day of our shoot? Nervous? Excited?

The day?...How about the week before the shoot! I was elated to be working with Laura and getting to be with Kyle in the city wearing fabulous clothes!  The day of the shoot, we were zipping around gathering our things to make the drive up to Chicago for the fun day ahead of us! It was beautiful out. As soon as we were in our first outfits, I was feeling great and Kyle looked so handsome. The hotel Laura chose to shoot looked luxe and just beautiful - so different from our rural community of corn fields and the occasional stoplight :) 

What did you think about the styling? 


I especially felt so pretty, chic, confident, you name it, in the first ensemble, I would have never thought to put those pieces together, but I loved it! The leather leggings were comfortable and chic, the shirt looked fantastic paired with the vest or as a separate, and the faux fur Laura let me borrow from her closet is something I am definitely going to have to invest in. Top all that off with a chunky gold chain-link necklace? It made the outfit pop! The best part about that ensemble is that all the pieces could be made into endless outfits--great separates. Can't forget that perfect plum lip stain, too!!


I also loved the outdoor look Laura prepared for us. The colors of the coat and pants paired with the brown boots and gloves were perfect for the season! Also, the hat finished the look! 

Do you feel like the clothes were a real expression of you?

I felt like the clothes Laura chose for me to wear were a more polished version of my normal style. They were very fitting to my personality, but presented in such a sophisticated way. I know that is why I felt so confident during the shoot! The soft colors and elegant looks she put together were very fitting for the location we were at. I kept telling her I felt like I belonged downtown in those outfits!


As a teacher, do you feel like you have to modify the way you dress?


I definitely have a separate style for school vs. personal life. I am a fourth grade teacher, so I am all over the place during school! I am walking around my room and through the halls constantly; which means flats, no heels, bending down to help students so I can be at their level; which means appropriate tops and stretchy pants, and of course schooling the kids on the occasional casual Friday in soccer or basketball; which means a school sweatshirt and tennis shoes. Also, my school clothes are more likely to wear out faster or get dirty given the circumstances. Because of this I tend not to invest as much in my school attire.


What was your most memorable part of the shoot?

I LOVED being outside in front of all the great locations on State Street. We felt like we were in a movie! Very romantic. The location by the subway felt so Chicago, and I loved the way the gold of the sign and the colors of our clothes went so well together. 

And how could we forget almost getting kicked out of the library for being in the way, making way too much noise and dropping books galore?? Laura brought out my rebel side. 


What would your more adventurous side wear? More glitter? A mohawk? Heels?


Amazing boots of all shapes and sizes are everywhere right now. I have been seeing so many girls with the cutest boots that just make their outfits--I notice the shoes immediately. I am guilty of putting together an outfit with the shoe as a quick afterthought on my way out the door, or putting a plain, boring boot with the outfit because I am not risky enough to try to mix and match to make a cool combination. I want to experiment more with making the boot a statement piece rather than just blending in with my outfits.


Since your first year of marriage, can you tell us anything funny you have learned about Kyle or yourself?

I have learned that a pair of married teachers equals a very early bedtime!! Being newer teachers, we stay late at school frequently. When we get home, we eat dinner late, do some grading, and plop down on the couch to watch a show we recorded... We rarely make it through the show! We are always giving each other a hard time about who is going to be the first one to fall asleep. It has become somewhat of a competition 

What do you think about couples who dress alike?

I don't mind it! I think complimenting colors and styles are nice for a couple. Sometimes I'm a dork and try to color coordinate Kyle and I without being too matchy-matchy, especially if I want to take some pictures 

Is there something that other women wear or do that you just wish you could too? 


Laura got me so excited about fun lip colors! I have always been a shimmery beige, or sheer pink kind of girl because its on the safe side of things. I have been really inspired by all the variations or reds, pinks, and purples that people are wearing lately. Laura, you would be proud of me, I am already stepping out of my nude lip color comfort zone! 

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