Who first sparked your interest in style?

"My mom really encouraged style at a young age and believed one should always look the part. As a young girl I remember looking up to my mom’s sense of natural style and sophistication. I can recall laying out my outfits on my floor for the following day of school as early as 1st grade. My Mom dresses up where ever she goes and has instilled in me the desire to always look my best."



Where are your 3 favorite places to shop? 

"I really love Zara, Topshop, Pitaya, Vintage Charm just to name a few."



Describe your personal style.

"My favorite style is bohemian chic with a slight edge."


What is your favorite style blog?

"I love Sincerely Jules’s because she knows exactly how to layer different pieces of clothing and jewelry that all look amazing."


Where do you get inspiration for an outfit? 

"I find inspiration from fashion blogs, Polyvore, my friends, and browsing my favorite stores."




What inspires you?

"Wandering around the city of Chicago and observing how captivating it is inspires me. I love finding new French cafes to satisfy my macaroon obsession, or coming across a unique vintage find. I think that being genuinely happy doing the things I love leaves me feeling very inspired."



You’re planning to spend next fall in Europe, in what ways do you hope to expand your style while abroad? 

"I will be staying in the Rome Felice Center through Loyola University Chicago. I want to travel to as many places outside of Rome as I can. I would love to go to Paris, London, and Prague. I am beyond ecstatic to push the limits of my style and take risks as I start a new journey traveling. I will defiantly be rocking ponchos, fedoras, leather leggings, and jumpsuits!"


Describe yourself in five words.

"Joyful, Sincere, Attentive, Charismatic, and Imaginative."


You come from a big Italian family, what are a few style tips that have been passed down to you?

"One thing I have learned from my Grandma and Nana is that accessories are important; they bring the whole outfit together. My Nana and Grandma always wore lipstick, jewelry, and a great purse, always looking chic and put together."


Your mom's style has a sophisticated Jackie O flair, what about yours? Any influences that have made an impact on the way you dress? 

"I love Kate Middleton for her classically graceful style that's so timeless. My daily style incorporates many different looks based on how I feel that day, but I believe that if you look classy and timeless you can never go wrong."



Jaclyn Puccini is a talented young stylist that I'm thrilled to have joining Everyday Charming this January. Stay tuned as we broaden our services from personal styling for photo sessions to the addition of styling for special occasions, complete wardrobe refreshing or a simple consultation to recommend items to retire or new flattering additions. As your personal stylists or shopping assistants we would love to have a chat and advise you in 2015. May your holidays be every bit as lovely as your wardrobe. Warmly, Laura Rose

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