I'm overwhelmed by the creative minds who made our wedding reception such a wonderful memory. This post is long overdue as Clint and I celebrated in March.

Time is a funny thing. We've settled into our life together. We are now referred to as the Davis'. We finish each others sentences and wear similar outfits (not intentionally, it just happens) ... it's like we've been married for years.

Then I look at these photos and feel like we threw this party just last weekend. The memories are sweetly fresh and the images of our friends and family I will hold for a lifetime. With a heart full of love, Laura

Visual designer + Decor : Modern Mindy   /  Catering : Taste by Renee   /   Photography-  Photo Coordinator-  Photo booth : Charming in Love   /  Custom Graphic Design : Custom Graphic Design:  Laura Jean Hoerr/   Location : Lang House Chicago

Modern Mindy shared a behind the scenes post on her blog about creating the event design. Check it out here.