I found these photos from a trip I took around Italy a few years back. Flipping through the endless files inspired me to be more purposeful in taking travel photos, not just snapping ferociously. (Old habits may die hard but now you can hold me to my new goal!)



In 8 days Clint, my sis and I will be heading to a small neighborhood in Lazio, Italy called Trastevere (Near Rome's city center).

We pooled our must see lists and came up with a photo scavenger hunt to document our trip.



Note that I didn't add relaxing...the top item on all our lists. Hah ha. I will probably be sharing the most on Snapchat (laurarosedavis) and a few pics on Instagram during the week and then right back here next Sunday at 7pm highlight images from our hunt. Ciao!



photo scavenger hunt ROME

1. Campo de' Fiori in the morning to sample olive oils and Balsamic vinegars at the market
2. Nel buco del mulo for a sandwich
3. Mail a post card from the Vatican City at Poste Vaticare
4. Vendita Libri, Cioccolata e Vino to sample an editable shot glasses made of chocolate
5. Walk up Gianicolo Hill - admire Rome and the cannons that fire at midday
6. Cacio e pepe osteria for a classic dish of spaghetti carbonara ... a recipe from the chef

7. Visit Trevi fountain at midnight!
8. Sample every flavor of Gelato at the Frigidarium in Piazza Navona
9. Catch a glimpse of the eye of the Pantheon, or oculus
10. Antico Caffè del Moro to sip a pear collins
11. Pizza and vino at Dar Poeta
12. Selfie w/ The Sistine Chapel's ceiling. 5,000 square ft of frescoes. Don't get caught this time
13. Lunch at La Boccaccia Trastevere for a broccoli and sausage pizza

14. Meet friends on the the widest stairway in all of Europe, Spanish Steps
15. Aristocampo for an eggplant and wild boar dinner
16. Much needed dawn run through the Vatican City
17. Deliver Nespresso in bed to my hubby every morning
18. Visit the cross at the Colosseum
19. Sunday morning walk from our cottage to the Porta Portese Flea Market


Why not a wedding photo or two?!... Sorrento wedding was amazing and a fantastic couple.

Why not a wedding photo or two?!... Sorrento wedding was amazing and a fantastic couple.

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