I wish I had something profound to say. Perhaps a long list of reasons why I think you should stray from a traditional wedding attire, but not this time. I only want to say no matter the occasion I think you should always dress true to yourself.

So, that's it. I'm here cheering you on. Whether that means you choose to wear black or red instead of white, or get married in a tiny chapel or (a COURTHOUSE, yay!).

It's not that I encourage you to be different for the sake of being different. Instead listen to your heart and be honest with where it takes you. Style is only the most obvious place it could take you. I hope you have the courage to be that fresh breath of air we all are hoping to catch. 

Behind the scenes... Clint snapped these shots when I decided to pick up some purple tulips and style them on the street before we snapped these pics.

One thing I've learned, if you choose to lead you should lead by example. So here we are, Clint and I, popping out after work to show you just one way you could style a non-traditional wedding dress. Hope you enjoy! For more elopement love head over to Charming in Love, our wedding site.

See you next Sunday at 7pm! xo - Laura

Dress : ML Monique Lhuillier / Shoes : Valentino / Clutch: Marie Turnor / Make up : Asia Johnson