What if I told you, you could choose clothes that made you feel ten pounds lighter?

On the scale this morning it said, 145.3 but I already knew that was coming when I finished Clint's pasta at dinner last night. Hey, what's life without a few simple joys?



But I'm not here to tell you to make healthier choices. Nope, I want you to enjoy life, live it to the fullest and be thankful for the body you have.

Now let's get dressed!



If you've been following this little space, it's probably not news to you that we do A LOT of personal shopping for our photography clients. While this is a really nice option, you're still footing the bill and let's be honest, not all of us can afford our good taste.



Ready for a game changer? All of our Charming brands now have access to thousands of new outfits (3,746 items from 306 designers to be exact).

Welcome to your new extended wardrobe! Now you can now check out 3 items (from casual to bridal) for your photo shoot at no extra cost.



In my opinion, flattering outfits elevate your photos SO much that I'm willing to foot the bill.

So, that's what I'm doing here. Hanging out at the Cook County Courthouse on a Friday afternoon wearing a Halston Heritage Gown and carrying a Loeffler Randall cheetah print clutch.



My hubby is ace at shooting at the most flattering angles and I can't seem to shut up about elevating your look and learning to love (and dress) the body you have.

So next week's post… I can't even tell you how excited I am! There's something for everyone, fresh floral, a BLACK wedding dress, gold studs, even donuts!



Styled elopements give you the feels? Head over to Charming in Love, for the bride who adores classic beauty. No frills, just more of our favorite romantic photos, posh gowns… and YES, you can check them out for your big day too!



Side note, as many of you know, this spring Clint and I eloped. It was one of the most romantic days. It was simple, had that classic old Hollywood feel, but without so many pressures.



Honestly, I didn't realize it would feel so special. I didn't have a clue what to expect. But now that I know first hand I can't wait to share more styled elopements so you can get caught up with me too.



Sending you a big hug for sticking around as this little space changes, evolves and grows with me.  Until next Sunday at 7pm. - Laura