This week is typically one of my favorites of the entire year.

It's a whirlwind of, travel, faces I love and unbelievably good food. It also marks the celebration of our photography year and chatter of styling projects coming next.

This has been the most challenging - yet rewarding year yet. The most obvious blessing has been brutally honest people. The kind that are willing to challenge you to the next level and then stick with you as you struggle along. I'm endlessly grateful.

The excitement of holiday deliveries to my clients (whenever I get to do this in person) is THE BEST. I love seeing reactions to the canvas and albums arriving for their homes.

Dozens of long phone chats, late night texting over which blazer and with what shoes is justified in this moment. We all have a good laugh about how intense we became on these subjects.

This year felt a bit different. Monday began with a funeral for my great aunt who was an amazing role model and ended with the arrival of my third nephew, Daniel James.

In between we laughed, cried, told stories, ate, kicked around starting a food truck, drank mugs of coffee and celebrated the 36 years my parents have been married. 

It was mostly sweet. At times exhausting but reminded me (yet again) to forever live in the moment. I hope your Thanksgiving was honest and sweet as well. Much love - Laura Rose Davis


P.S. I'm not wanting to be bothered with many clothes when traveling so these comfy Gap jeans are on high rotation (customized by TNL). A mohair thin H&M sweater, Zara wool duster and Zara moto leather jacket are easy transitional pieces. Also, Dolce Vita clogs, suede heels and floral clutch add a touch of personality.