Weekend in Paris,  shop the looks here!

Weekend in Paris, shop the looks here!

We think the secret to a remarkable photo shoot is carefully tucked into the details. To pin point just a few of these details our stylist, Jaclyn, has created three different outfits for you and your sweetheart.

Whether you're jetting off for a romantic getaway in Paris, showing off your ice skating skills at the Peninsula Hotel in Chicago or having a classy evening at the Opera we've got your suitcase planned.

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   What to wear to the Lyric Opera House?  Shop all the pieces here !


What to wear to the Lyric Opera House? Shop all the pieces here!


Our photo shoots begin with a simple idea, then we dive into details highlighting the best version of you.

We think YOU deserve a little attention, go ahead, this one is on us.

Need to customize an outfit?  Want to minimize those problem areas and highlight your best features? Drop us a note, we love hearing from you!

To kick off 2015, we are celebrating with a complimentary clothing consultation. Personal shopping and closet refreshing available for $40. per hour upon request.

Cheers! Laura + Jaclyn


For some style while you skate  ...  Shop this look here!

For some style while you skate  ... Shop this look here!

Curious how to pair clothing with a location? Jaclyn shares her inspiration right here. Enjoy!

"My Inspiration for the Lyric Opera set was drawn mostly from the bright gold tones that can be seen on the ceiling of the opera house. During intermission you can grab a drink and socialize as you glance up at the beautiful glistening chandeliers. While envisioning this atmosphere I pictured replicating those same gold tones and antique classic feel. The Lyric Opera house is defiantly the place to bring out your sophisticated side, so I felt it was appropriate to rock a big statement piece, a red lip, and nude pumps.


When I envisioned the Ice Skating set, my first thought was to aim for style while adhering to the cold weather. Most importantly I took into consideration that warmth would be a priority. For the guys outfit I drew inspiration from the blog tetino-tete, where I gravitated to the look of collared patterned shirts under a sweater paired with an awesome cap.


Inspiration for the Paris set was drawn from the pure elegance of the city. I kept all the clothing chic and simple but gave it variety by adding in a pop of color and pattern. The olive green coated pants are the perfect chance to take a risk and go for an edgier look."  - J. Puccini