The count down begins. 41 days until the official celebration of love. 


Call me. 


I would suggest a cosy weekend for two in Paris, its lovely. A classic purple box of Vosges' chocolates, mmm. Maybe tickets for two to the Lyric Opera House, all fancy like.



Just the two of you (and me, but I'm stealth) documenting (in photographs) the countless things that are special about your kinda love. 


Leave the details of your Valentines surprise with me. A quant B&B with a stop to visit the Frank Lloyd Wright tours or Ice Skating on the tip top of the Peninsula Hotel's privet rink and a cozy set of pics taken in the lobby.



Let's create some photographs together. A thoughtful gift for the person you share everything with. I can promise they will make you smile much longer then that box of chocolates.