I joined up with our friend and stylist, Camie, from Luxe Wise last week. Together we filmed a few helpful tips for how to identify the best tailored clothing for your body. 

Thank you to Lori Stratton for so graciously allowing us to film her.


The challenge : 

Identifying tailored options that work well with Lori's figure. Moving beyond her comfort zone of black and flow-y while helping her to shop for colors that highlight and tailoring that flatters.


Our Goal:

To highlight Lori's assets while diminishing problem areas. 

Highlighting your assets can really bring out your confidence, especially in a photo shoot. (Lori's family photos quickly approaching gave us great motivation for this shopping spree! Here are a few images from her shoot on Friday!)

Tailoring, if the fit is right for your body, will always make you look slimmer and more attractive in photos. Bonus, this will also add confidence to your every day!

Being comfortable and confident in your clothes will shine through more than an expensive outfit, the perfect fit is EVERYTHING!



How to find your own highlight areas :

Don't be shy, its time to find the areas you want to highlight on your body. It's best to ask friends and family or a significant other what they think is your best asset. We are not always the best judges of our own bodies. Or drop me a note, I'd love to advise you.

Lori has great legs, We decided this was one of her many great assets!

A slim cut grey pant from Banana Republic and a loose fitting top really give her a great look along with a tailored camel blazer. All three of these pieces (as well as the rest of her new finds) allow Lori to mix and match.

We added the simple nude wedges to keep her legs looking long and lean. You will notice in our video the riding boot would have been nice but her ivory skirt was too long and created a choppy look. Instead the pumps helped continue to draw the eye down instead of stopping your eye the knee. 



Tips from Camie and Laura :

Inspect the cut of your jackets, tailoring is important. Be careful that the darts hit you in the correct places. Darts are your friends but if not placed properly they can easily add ten unwanted pounds. Watch for pulling and tightness anywhere on the body, that's always a sign that it's not the right fit for you.


Note where the seams of the shoulders fall on your own shoulders. If seams are passing your shoulders this can make you look sloppy. Shoulder seams that are too small for you can also make you look larger and mis-proportioned.


The Results:

We left Banana Republic with six dynamic pieces and two more items on order. All of which have their own place yet mix together. The slightly cropped pants can be worn with any type of shoe; flat, boot or heal. Pair either of Lori's new pants with a simple t-shirt and keep her look relaxed or even add the blazer for a warmer layer. Changing her t-shirt with either the sequined or silk tops plus blazer, then trade the boot for a pump and she is ready for a night out!

To see all of our tailored finds check out Lori's Style board here.  

Luxe Wise posted their own take on this collaborative effort on their blog. Check it out here and give them some love