Always in search of the best methods to solve my beauty dilemmas, I happened upon Lavender Park Salon in cozy Lincoln Park this summer. 




The Problem:


Wanting to grow my hair yet never making progress since I have to heat style the curls that I can never seem to manage. The heat destroys my progress and I end up with split ends and needing yet another cut. 


Plus, afternoons with my summertime love, Oak Street beach wasn't helping this hair dilemma. With my frizz factor high, I was even more determined to solve this problem, I just had to find the right advisors.


The Solution:  


Their website drew me in fast. Its simple, honest and to the point. The creatives behind Lavender Park Salon, Jane Henderson, Katie DeVries and Krista Burke, seemed the perfect combo of snarky and cool... 



The salon felt just the way they described it... like the Cheers of hair salons - the place where everyone knows your name. They welcome their friends and neighbors to grab a beverage and sit back and relax. This is just how I felt within seconds of my first appointment.  


Krista proved to be the curly hair guru, and a senior stylist at the salon. Jane and Katie, the owners, also added to the growing feeling of confidence I was finding at this new Lincoln Park salon.

I love to share a good experience and LPS got behind this idea too.


Krista's method to enhancing the best natural curl:

1. Rinse your conditioner out. Do NOT ring your hair out, leave it soaking wet!


2. Immediately flip your head upside down. You will not use a towel until the end of the styling process. Finger comb all of your hair directing it downward. 



3. Use mousse about a the size of a golf ball and finger comb it through.



4. Use a generous amount of gel or curl cream and scrunch your hair up to your scalp, squeezing out the excess water.



5. When the water feels squeezed out (gently) take either a micro-fiber towel or cotton tee-shirt and squeeze through your hair again. 



6. Flip your head back up and allow to air dry. Once a gel cast forms and it looks crunchy re-scrunch your hair and shake out the cast. You can also diffuse but be sure to put the dryer on low and use minimum movements to prevent frizz! 


I promise you will be feeling as confident in your curl as I did leaving the salon that summer day.

Top 3 tips when styling curly hair:


1. Proper product - click here for our curly girl must haves!

2. Proper prep

3. Proper haircut!


Another helpful tip... If you like a little more volume on top, pin sections up while it dries!

Lavender Park Salon also specializes in men's cuts and color. Whether curly or straight, long, or short LPS is the place to feel comfortable while having your biggest beauty dilemmas solved.


Lavender Park's philosophy... "Our Clients have no idea that they are the beginning of an amazing ripple effect!  We feel so blessed to be able to provide a great work place for humans that can rock some hair and have a professional, happy energetic attitude to spread the love."  



Special thanks to Krista for sharing her expert insight. If your hair is unruly like mine you may need that "proper cut" to solve the puzzle. Set up your appointment online at or stop in to visit them at 2537 N. Sheffield Ave, Chicago, IL 60614



Another thanks to Ashley Razo for modeling Krista's curly cut method. The final product, looking oh, so fine!


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