I've started a personal project this week. I asked my friend, Sasha Faye, to unpack the mysteries of the modeling world to me.

Sasha's career began when she moved to a Russian dance academy at 11. She's been on the stage dancing and modeling since. Landing in Chicago six months ago then eloping with her sweetheart, Chris, is how I've met her. Luckyyy me!



Lessons learned first hand are the ones taken to heart. Wish me luck learning the art of grace and poise. I may be the least elegant student but I'm the most eager to know first hand how to share posing tips with my portrait clients.

Here is what I learned in this weeks lesson.



Learn to be comfortable in your own skin. This comes from understanding yourself. What are the unique things about you? What are your imperfections? Learn to accept both.

Did you know you can twist your strengths AND weaknesses into a signature pose, move or facial expression? If you absolutely can't learn to use your weakness as a strength, THEN find a way of hiding it.



Pick a favorite model and study everything about her or him. Identify the way they pose, turn their head and so on.

Can you find an imperfection that they embrace and turn into a strength? Guess what? There is another word for imperfection… UNIQUENESS!!


Image shot by Sasha Faye. :)

Image shot by Sasha Faye. :)



Spend a good amount of time posing or dancing in front of a mirror. Perhaps even turn on the music. Begin to move. Begin to feel the music through different poses. Let it go.

Thinking on what Sasha taught me… I'm noticing that honesty with myself is key. Embracing who you naturally are is a start. I can't wait for my next lesson!! xx- Laura


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