Do you ever wake up thinking I HAVE to find a cotton candy machine?

Thursday morning I felt a little loony running deep into to the South Side just hours before our Battle for Hope event with Off the Street Club to find this little magic sugar spinner.



Partnering with Peter Cowen is always a good idea and delivered a punch with his hand drawn backdrop for our photo booth. A few late nights later we found ourselves snapping, dancing and handing out candy floss for a cause we can all get behind; getting Chicago kids off the streets.



When talented guys like Kris English (above), (also a Charming in Love client... but more on this later) tell you about co-founding an annual charity event with his Digitas ad buddies your ears are already perky.

Since settling in Chicago I've been anxious to find ways to give back to the place I call home. Enter Battle for Hope. Nearly 1000 of the city's finest advertising creatives all came together on Thursday night to cheer on their favorite bands and support the oldest kids club in Chicago.



I'm still feeling grateful for all the new friends made this week and opportunities to share what I've been given, especially the cotton candy. xx- Laura

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