Last week I posted on my personal Facebook page that I would be needing a photo assistant. I knew what to expect but I'm afraid you might not have.



It literally said, "Photo assistant needed. July 27th - 30th in Peoria, IL. / Must be flexible + slightly crazy." ...



If you've been following my Snap Chat (laurarosedavis) this week... you might have noticed "slightly crazy" describes #assistanttakeover perfectly. 

Here's a few of the snaps in case you missed it.



These photo assistants had no idea the mega tron size mosquitoes we would be up against. Or the 96 degree heat. ALL. WEEK. LONG.



How could they have known about the sideways rain coming or my method for keeping kids clean. Get your chiropractor on speed dial... yes, we're gonna carry them. You really should have skipped that kickboxing class at 5:45 am.



And you thought Crossfit was tough. Try to hoist a nine year old and smile while your both drenched in sweat. (Photo credits to Luke here.)



Oh, you don't believe in bribery? Check my trunk. It's full of very persuasive items (and M&M's). I have zero shame.



Of course you didn't know MY assistants are DJ's AND clowns. Your cartwheel game is good, right?



You may have so many tasks to manage at once that you lock your keys in your car. No judgement I've been here too.



I know, I know. There was no side note about the cleaning you might have to do.



Or the fumes you'd be exposed to...



I wouldn't expect you to know what to say to the other aspiring photographers at the shoot.



Not to mention the models...



But really, you held it together when Cara D. showed up.



I can't believe I forgot to feed you since breakfast. Hangry isn't pretty.



And look how perky you are when the kids flip the cameras on us...

Then came the scary part for me. I asked YOU how you thought the week went...


Funniest parts :

"I've never had to dance, do kart wheels, or run in circles to get clients to smile for photos! I felt like a dork but it was fun. Gotta do what you gotta do!"

Ah-ha moment :

"Lighting and what kind of colors to look for when snapping a picture are KEY. Just going to each shoot, I've noticed every client has a different style. We changed up our perspective at each session to make it feel like them!"

What inspired you? :

"To see you (Laura) take on that many photoshoots this week, IN HEELS, is awesome. It's inspiring to see someone work that hard yet keep it fun." - Brooke Nelson


Funniest parts :

"(NOT for blog post): you're a poop magnet!!
(FOR the blog): Feeding cheese-it's to the kids like circus animals to keep them calm and happy throughout the photo shoot. Hah-ha! Also, dancing to music with the kiddos."

Ah-ha moment :

"I learned how important the details in a shot are. Fixing things like the hand placement, the one little hair sticking out, and even that little "bunch" in someone's shirt can take a good photo and make it great. I also learned when it is best to use particular camera functions (specifically lighting). This helped me realize what it means to be a great photographer, and not a sub-par photographer that knows how to edit photos."

What inspired you? :

"YOU. How you manage to keep everyone happy and smiley for pictures is a quality I admire. You're professional, confident (making your subjects comfortable), cool and collected. And you are quite the charming boss. :)" - Rachel Lindner


I can't hardly help but get some Snap Chat action of my own when this cutie cut loose during her session. 

Also, I feel like I should explain "poop magnet" we shot in a horse barn on Tuesday. I'll let you guess the ending. Annndd somehow I make poor choices on which parts of grass I should lay in for a shot. Let's just say the Nelson's puppy must have been out that morning.

What a great week. Thanks for coming along with me. Here's just one more video from my Snap Chat... You're not a photographer if this hasn't happened to you.


Until next Sunday at 7pm. - Laura