We're trying to slip one last summer trip in before fall. Clint and I are taking a long weekend in Manhattan to visit one of the people I adore most in the world. 



It's been a hot minute since we sat on her rooftop overlooking the Hudson River and she introduced me to her homemade Baba Ganoush.



I drink up those raw and honest talks, her and I ... like during a flash shower outside Balthazar's side bakery door. One or both of us pushing away tears. I honestly can't remember the subject but it doesn't matter. She has this way of breaking down normal human barriers and speaking to your heart.



Each time I've found myself at a total loss for what to do, she rings. It's bazaar that she knows but then again it's not. It's just Tina.



If she has a notion to run the Boston Marathon or a Jewish all-girl nursing school she will, but in the most humble way.



I don't care that our careers are worlds apart. Her view of life is refreshing and challenging and I soak all of it up.


It's true we are 30 years different but who's counting?  Not the clerk at Barney's knowing we won't buy the 25k mink we tried on. Oops! Or my pup, Stella, dashing across the station with her at the Coney Island stop.



Snap back to my reality. I'm here in West Town packing and remembering Tina tell me how freeing it was to donate everything under her bed. So, I'm inspired to pack light, live honestly and enjoy simple moments. 



I love this book by Betty Halbreich and her quote, "Great fitting pants are rarer then diamonds."

The 85-year-old legend has worked at Bergdorf Goodman since 1976, dispensing no-nonsense style guidance. Also note she was one of the first personal shoppers and known for her sharp eye and honesty. I think we could all use a friend like Betty.



What questions do you ask yourself when you shop?

I prefer to have a theme to my clothing each season. That way I can have fewer better things yet endless outfit options.



Pictured are the 15 items I'll be taking with me to NYC this weekend. Come along with me on Instagram and Snap  Chat (laurarosedavis) to see the dozens of ways you can wear a few simple pieces.