1. When you want to dress well shoes the make the biggest difference. Monkstraps always add class but can we worn in casual settings too. Dark brown can be used for everything.  



2. A well fitted button down collar oxford - well fitted is the keyword here. Oxford can be worn up and down. Most versatile and can become your go to shirt



3. Fitted pants (based on fit preference): suit slim, all ranges of fit (chinos). Baggy pants are the worst thing you can do these days. Whether you like slim/skinny, straight, relaxed - make sure it fits properly. Don't hesitate to become friends with a great tailor. More on fit here.   



4. Mens accessories are in growth mode right now. The one that will always be a staple is a nice watch (I love my Brathwait - side note, its named after the first gentlemen and they use transparent pricing). or DW - these watches are extremely versatile but always make you look put together regardless of what you're doing.



5. Colorful socks - nothing says I like to have fun more than crazy socks. Even if you're in the most corporate of environments socks like these can add some flare/excitement to a rather boring outfit. Its the one piece of clothing where it doesn't matter how crazy it is.



Thanks to our friend and contributor, Martin Hamedani pictured wearing Suit Supply shoes and a H&M suit, you're ace! M's Instagram feed you won't wanna miss either or his recent photo shoot with us.