1. Practice your hair style.

Avoid experimental hairstyles. We will be chatting far in advance to perfect your look. We suggest 3-4 weeks ahead choosing a hair style. This will give you time to try it out and decide if you love it or need to lose it. Last minute choices will only add pressure to your session.

2. Get comfortable with your makeup.

It’s tempting to try something new last minute, but we strongly suggest you not. Weeks in advance we will begin guiding you towards a style and colors that suit you. Practice with these products until your session. Time is the most honest friend. Fall in love with your look or know its a mistake before it's too late.

Also avoid glitter or sparkly anything (powder, eyeshadow, blush) it tends to reflect and leaves white spots.

Complementary air brush make-up (or traditional) is available with our personal stylist for all our clients, per your request.



3. Plan your clothing choices.

Once we establish your shoot location and style we will begin choosing your outfits. We like to start by seeing what favorites you already own. Then shopping, styling and perfecting takes place with our personal stylist. Wear your outfits multiple times beforehand to make sure you really love them. Ask a friend to snap pics on your phone so you can see every angle.



4. Stay away from tans.

If you'd like a summer glow build it in advance, but the week before pics stay out of the sun. We suggest a strong SPF all the time, specifically the week before. Your pictures could reveal peeling skin or a red nose. Don't get us started on tan lines! We can easily enhance your tan with bronzer and contouring make up. If you've already over done sun time you will need to reschedule. A burn cannot be fixed.


5. Get to know us!

We think getting comfortable with us enhances your photos.

Stop by our blog. We post every Sunday night insider tips for your photo shoot. We're constantly sharing inspiration plus snaps from our sessions on our Instagram feed. If you want the non-edited version, find our real time story on Snapchat (Laurarosedavis) where things get real and sometimes photographers fall off ladders.

Don't ever be shy about asking questions, even during the actual shoot. If you don’t feel comfortable with a certain pose, want advice, a hand shopping or closet diving, just ask. We'd be happy to make a house call or take you to lunch and talk it over.




1. Get your beauty sleep.

Plan to get a full week of 8 hour nights. It's vital to your session that you look and feel refreshed.

2. Don’t stress about blemishes.

Don’t worry about a small blemish or bruise. We will work our magic making you appear absolutely stunning.

3. Make sure your hands are presentable.

Take time for your hands. Guys should trim their nails, and girls might need to touch up their manicure. We suggest a gel manicure to avoid chipping and keeping that gleam. Complementary gel manicures are available for you upon request with our stylist.


4. Avoid glasses glare.

If you wear glasses ask your optician to remove the lenses from your frames for the photo session. Most will do this for you at no charge, but give them plenty of notice so there is no rush.   
If you don't plan to wear your glasses take them off a few hours before.

Reading glasses, even sunglasses will leave red pressure marks on your face that can be avoided! They may also mess up your makeup. If you plan to wear contacts for your session don't wait till the last minute to put them in.


1. Make time for yoga or stretching.

If you practice yoga take time for a nice long session before hand. Stretching leisurely will also help you relax and feel calm during your session.


2. Bring along your most honest friend.

Bring a friend with you. Specifically a person who can help you relax and take a natural picture. If your friend also happens to be a comedian we wouldn't mind.

3. Plan your clothing transportation.

Bring your ironed or steamed outfits hanging to prevent wrinkles. Be prepared to change once you arrive. This will keep your clothes looking fresh. Seat belt wrinkles are ugly.

4. Only take the photo if you’re feeling your best.

If you’re not feeling your best, call and cancel your photo appointment. We understand how important it is to look your best and will simply set up a follow-up time.