I'm pausing our regular blog line up for a hot minute. This graduation party on Friday was a blast (in case you missed it!).  Jaclyn and I snapped some memories of the night, complete with a custom photo booth. Thanks to Vanessa at @lacreme_boutique for the handmade paper garlands she created to coordinated with our invites. Click here to see all of the party images. We love a good party and if we're lucky we'll see you in our photo booth soon! ... Just look for two goons trying to out do each others one liners. 


Catering : Cassie Schock / Photo booth : Everyday Charming / Photo booth decor : La Creme Boutique


…….Anddd behind the scenes, I introduced Jaclyn to her first Hardee's sandwich on our drive to Peoria. It was life changing. I think.