Remember that time you hadn't been out in weeks because your mom was afraid you'd catch dog flu?

Stella recently had her last immunization and I'm 25% less paranoid now. Well.... until she challenged 6 different dogs during our ten minutes of photo taking.

She has already spotted another dog in this next pic... it got ugly.


I'm learning the art of waiting. Ironically some of my favorite words are, "instant" and "speedy".

I've learned, all though painfully, the best hair choices are made slowly, asking questions specific to YOU, which might also include learning to speak "hairstylist".

This summertime style I've forced myself to wait until after our wedding to pull the trigger on. FINALLY this was the week. Bring on lighter longer locks.

Thanks to my girls at Collette's in Gold Coast for using their teasing technique to softly lighten the ends of my natural hair. Also, retouching the warm brown at the roots.


Here's the part I hope my hubby doesn't read; I spent half as much on the 18 inch clip-in extensions in these photos as I typically would my 22 inch permanent taped extensions. I'm told the clip-in's will last 6 months with daily styling. I only style mine as needed, 1-2 times per week. In comparison, my permanent extension looked sad within 4 months of daily wear. 

On a side note, husband knows what I spend... I just haven't shared where the money I saved this time around is going. In time... hah ha.

I personally choose not to wear extensions to the gym but have friends who wouldn't consider taking them out, ever. To each his own.


Here's what I'm learning; brush these locks OFTEN! Mine could use a bore bristle brush here after trying to save the neighbor dogs from my little killer.

Store in a cardboard box to preserve the curl and allow your extensions to breathe. Do not use the plastic case they are sold in as it will hold moisture.

I actually feel slimmer with long hair... this might be in my head but, to me, it's like carrying a bigger handbag. Proportionally I feel more balanced. More on this later, I have no real evidence as of yet!



Stel was nearly worn out by the time Buddy, our first floor neighbor and mascot of The Every Girl said hello. Fantastic things to see at The Every Girl, like this black bedroom. I hear it's like hibernating, which sounds amazing. I've already scheduled Janie from See Jane Paint to repaint mine next week.



Another detail shot of my new 18 inches. I had an expert eye helping me pick the perfect golden tone, thank you Bonnie Knobloch.

Until next Sunday. - Laura