How to make inexpensive clothes look expensive? Often people think I’m wearing designer when in reality I've just carefully selected budget items. Styling is key.

These simple tricks will save your wallet and keep your friends guessing!



1. Only Wear Clothes That Fit

Just because you paid a hefty price for your clothes doesn't mean they will look good. If the fit is poor your items will look cheap.

Pants and they’re too long, have them hemmed. Many stores offer this complementary. If you have a sweater with short arms, roll up the sleeves. A dress isn’t perfect around your waist, add a belt.

There are plenty of tricks to make sure your clothes fit you, or at least appear to. Avoid wearing anything too small, it's the shortcut to looking cheap!


2. Stay fresh

Your hair and nails can easily elevate your look. I don't like wasting time at the salon (but when I go I always bring work along for while I wait).

Carving out a bit of time to have your hair touched up can be the polish on your style. I recently invested in a home gel nail kit so I can fit in a no-chip manicure while I respond to e-mails. Win!


3. Accessories that Shine

Your accessories don’t have to be designer, although occasionally it's worth it. A few select pieces can make your budget items shine.

I carefully planned to splurge a while back on a pair of Valentino studded flats (for my wedding) and Miu Miu handbag (as a gift to myself once I reached a personal goal). I swear they could even make my pajamas look like couture.

If you’re on a tight budget, just wait for sales or pour over secondhand designer websites.



4. Steam or press inexpensive items to look luxe

Wrinkles make expensive pieces appear cheap. And, having cheap clothing pressed instantly looks way more luxurious.

A steamer is a investment that will change your style forever. If it doesn’t cost you a fortune to have your things pressed, do it!

If you find a wrinkled item in the store, leave it there. It's never going to look nice once you get it home.


5. Take Care Of Your Things

I would rather send my boots and pumps to a reputable shoe maker than buy new. Worn out heels don’t look attractive. It takes little investment to clean and repair your shoes.

I take a basket full to be repaired at least once a year and am so happy with the results. Many of my shoes have been resoled 2 or even 3 times.

You’ll be surprised about how new they seem. Best part? No sore feet!


6. Timeless Pieces

You can't go wrong investing in a trench coat, blazer, little black dress or nude pumps. These classics will look sophisticated no matter the price tag if you pay attention to the fit and details.


7. Stash Lint Rollers Everywhere

Lint rollers are just as important as lip balm. I have one hidden almost anywhere. My hall closet, my camera bag, my car and I even carry a mini version in my handbag.

As temps drop and static rises - everything sticks to your clothes and can ruin your look.



This bit of style advice is from as well as a few additions and thoughts of my own. Hope you can find it helpful. Until next Sunday at 7pm. xo- Laura

(Behind the scenes : My outfit : designer or budget? Clint and I were on our way to Restoration Hardware in the new jaw-dropping Gold Coast location. Totally going back for a glass of wine in the atrium for our next (non-working) date night, here's a video of what it looks like!

I was hoping to pick up a deep navy paint color (more decorating in process for our living room, which has become my vice!) when we stopped to snap these shots. (Feeling proud, I only used the 15 minute minimum on my parking app! I have been admonished that my parking budget is too high so I'm trying to do better! I even walked 2 miles downtown to make a return instead of driving this week, which to be fair, was a gorgeous day. You saw that effort, right husband?!)

Looking put together is my goal if I'm meeting with clients or doing more the a grocery run. If you saw me before noon, my apologies. I have no shame in comfy dress when I need to get things done and 6-11am is my productive zone. For occasions that call for more polish here's a few ideas from today's outfit. Zara Body curve denim (similar) $39 I will live and die by these jeans - I own 4 pair - more colors available in store, Custom distressing from TNL $25, Zara long vest $189, Forever21 sweater (similar) $19, A'gaci fringe booties $29, Nars satin lip pencil in Palais Royal $29)