Champagne taste on a beer budget? Dressing high end doesn't mean emptying your wallet. Here's a few tips!



1. Accent with metallic detail.

Elevate your look with a touch of gold or silver. Add a dash of simple delicate jewelry, a smart watch, or buckles and buttons in a gold tone. I'm specifically enjoying a splash of rose gold right now. Be careful to not get carried away. Less is always more. Also, softer gold tones with less brassy hues tend to look most classy.



2. Select luxurious textures.

Search out fine knitted garments or silk look a-like fabrics. It's easier to find faux suede that looks quality, but with a little effort you may also score a faux leather or fur that looks authentic!

Each season I am amazed at the handful of quality looking items I can find at basic stores like, Target, Gap, Zara and Forever21. I recently picked up a long camel duster from Zara that looks high end but I found at a bargain and can be worn three seasons, bam.

3. Save the quality of your garments by washing less.

Have you tried the freezer trick? It works! When you have a few dollars spare take your clothes to the dry cleaner.  



Tailor your favorite pieces – a little nip and tuck and you're looking high end in something you already own.

(I had help wearing out these ivory jeans. Sent my Zara denim to Tattoos n Lace for custom distressing.)



Take a few minutes to sharpen your look by ironing or steaming your clothes. Some fabrics will wrinkle just looking at them. Be a savvy shopper and use your critical eye to identify problem fabrics. I keep a lint roller handy for a polished look.



You don't need to spend to get that luxe look, just choose the right pieces – and when in doubt, opt for classic options.

Happy hunting, Laura

These style tips complements of and some of my favorites.


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