When did photography become something you wanted to spend your hard earned money on?

"Definitely after we got engaged. I wanted the best photo experience for our engagement & wedding images. It was a must!"




You've described photos as some of your most valuable possessions, tell us why! 

"Those little smiles, the laughter, I want those things engraved into my memory, and photos help me remember. It's also super important to me to share those moments. Some of my favorite times are when I find people going through our albums. They smile, ask questions about certain photo moments and I get to share a piece of our life with them."



Who's influenced your interest in photography?

"My dad, he's the one who passed down his love for photos and memories to me. Also, my Grandpa is the photographer hobbyist in our family, he sees beauty in interesting landscapes and old barns and houses and I appreciate that!"



How do you begin to plan for your photo shoots? 

"Oh my, with great fear & trembling!  OK, not really but my husband will tell you it's quite the process for me. I determine the "feel" that I want, then choose locations and outfits from there. I begin with mad Pinterest pinning, then choose a location that best exemplifies what I've pinned. Then it's time for outfit shopping!"

*Special note. Everyone has a little trouble deciding where to start planning for a photo shoot. Check out Joy's Pinterest board here or e-mail me for a few ideas laura@everydaycharming.com



Type A or Type B?

"I would say I lean more towards A.... But have several B tendencies." 


Where do you gather inspiration for a photo shoot? 

"A lot of times its from a setting I see in a picture or in real life. I mentioned "feel" above and while that is kind of vague, it's super important to me. Do I want our photos to make me feel cozy & warm? Classic & sophisticated? A lot of times simply looking at a big, beautiful house can get me inspired and on the lookout for a location that is similar. I also gather inspiration from Pinterest. Oh my, that is a black hole for me!"


What kind of moments did you want documented during your engagement session? 

"My husband and I were engaged long distance at the time, so I really wanted our smiles, laughter, conversations and affection captured. I wanted to be able to look at the photos of when we were apart and instantly be taken back to those moments."



Tell us one funny thing your husband does that nobody sees but you? 

"He sometimes walks around the house crooning a certain country music song.. while doing a little dance, think Charlie Brown Christmas shuffle dance."



Who are some of the most inspiring artists to you?

"Jasmine Star, Steve Willis and Sam Hurd are all photographers that I consider artists and find very inspiring. Also, the paintings of Akiane Kramarik. Her portraits of Jesus blow me away!"


How would you describe yourself? 

"Lover of Jesus, lover of my family, Introverted, deep, creative yet structured, fiercely loyal, down to earth."



You have two of our favorite Luxe Albums … what do you think of them? 

"I think they are absolutely amazing. I keep them out for people to look at and they are always amazed at their beauty and quality! The photos are so rich looking, and they feel wonderful as you're flipping through the pages. I'm confident they will keep my memories safe for years."



What memories do you love most from your wedding day? 

"Seeing Aaron for the first time that day, our first kiss, watching the rain dissipate and the sun appear just in time for the ceremony, walking down the aisle, bawling at first, and then I couldn't stop smiling!"  



What special moments did you want to capture in Kansas City? 

"We had been married for 6 months or so, and I wanted to capture our new life together. All the new kisses, laughs and goofy moments that comes with being a newlywed. There really is something irreplaceable about that time and I didn't want to forget it!"



Why did you choose Kansas City for your casual "Mr. + Mrs." shoot?

"We had just moved there, and had discovered SO many beautiful places around town - the Plaza, Loose Park - I wanted to capture our new home and all of it's gorgeous locations!" 



The Philip's house has grown since we began documenting your life 6 years ago, tell us about your newest addition. 

"Oh Marlie! She is our Border Collie and we absolutely love her. She's spunky, friendly, cuddly, and so darn cute! Most of the time she is full of energy, but is getting older and calming down some. We got her at a local shelter and she's been so much fun and guards our yard from all the squirrels!"



So we've talked about a bookshelf full of Luxe albums to document your life together, what can we expect next?

"Oh the possibilities! Maybe a canvas or two and many more prints to fill the walls!" 



What kind of emotions do you have looking back at all the images we've captured together? 

"Thankful, thankful, thankful... for all the moments we've had and the hope of more in the future. I also get that warm fuzzy heart feeling that has no name."



What's one special place you would love to have a photo taken?

"I've always wanted to have photos taken in historic Virginia or Washington D.C. I think those old buildings are beautiful!"



*Joy and I met almost ten years ago in my first tiny studio in Central Illinois. I went on to capture her engagement, wedding, honeymoon and lifestyle photos and became great pals along the way. Joy caught my vision for Everyday Charming and began four years ago as our digital artist, retouching every image that crosses our memory cards. She also has played a key role in our newest addition, Charming Child. Its beautiful, honest, people just like Joy that show off what we love to do most, document love and live. -Laura 







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