These innocent little faces have been running on replay through my mind since last weekend. I couldn't believe it when I read a text from Ellie monday morning, "I'm so sorry to say I'm not going to order any Christmas Cards. Our house was completely ruined by the tornado Sunday, and I won't have time to do any cards this year. Thanks for understanding." I sat in my Chicago office in shock. The new house they invested so much effort into making a home for their two boys was in pieces. My heart hurt for them. Just a few months ago we had dreamed up where to hang their new canvases, whether or not Jason should slap on a fresh coat of paint and whether the color should be teal or terra-cotta.

After reading the text I immediately did a bit of package tracking. Just hours before their canvas should have been delivered. I cringed thinking about Jason and Ellie's memories of their life together scattered across Central Illinois. Then all the sudden my perspective did a 180 degree turn. Jason, Ellie, Jack and little Boone are safe. We can replace things and houses, we can repaint the walls teal and terra-cotta again. Left homeless in the path of a deadly F-4 I am so thankful for my new friends' safety.

The Rassi's Holidays will undoubtedly be a mixture of emotion this year and this makes me so sad. However, what I can do (and it's not much)... I can share their Christmas Card for them. Please help me digitally share their holiday wishes with their friends and family ... and when you do share say a prayer for Jason, Ellie, Jack and Boone.

- Much love this season, Laura