She's a warm ray of sunshine with the slightest glimmer of mischief dancing in her eyes. Beach blonde hair so thick it would be the envy of every valley girl (who'd willingly empty their wallets to have her locks). A contagous laugh was never far from her lips and with a dash of her playful humor it wasn't far from mine either. I already knew what a gem I had the good fortune of photographing.


Rachel's carefree attitude but sharp attention to detail hadn't missed anything. The secret ingredient to this portrait session lies smartly planned in the details. I've been looking forward to showing off this little beauty so allow me the pleasure of introducing you to one very savvy young lady.


Curious just what secret ingredients I'm referring to? Don't miss Rachel's next post where I dish behind-the-scenes tips on how to create natural looking images using just a few meaningful props. Photo props too often get a bad rap for looking entirely staged. Rachel's session is the PERFECT example of how create strong and gorgeous images without letting your props steal the show.