Deep brown eyes watched me intently as I carefully swept blush over the apples of her cheeks. We were in between locations and I had taken advantage of having a chauffeur and give Hayley a hand with her makeup. It seemed like the more time I spent with her the more she intrigued me. I knew she was thoughtful, intelligent and calculated but what I didn't expect is to find is someone so multidimensional.

My jaw dropped when she reached for the pet baby raccoon and insisted I photograph her with it. I was still smiling to myself over seeing her fly across the farm on the front seat of the gator-mobile with her perfectly curled hair whipping in every direction. Of course, I tried to capture a photo of this wild display but the one in my head will have to do since the experience was far too intense to document. A few of my favorite images of Hayley's happened that evening on the far corner of the Bachman family farm. I'm quite certain our delighted ooo's and ahhh's carried for miles on the warm breeze.

Check back soon to see where Hayley chose for her next photo location... bring your shades it involves sand and sun!

If you love Hayley's makeup click here for a video tutorial - a step by step guide to the products we used and my special application techniques too. You may also find this beauty post interesting as well. Enjoy!!