I was speechless. He gave a brief history of his small business as nonchalantly as if listing off what he ate for lunch that day. I blurted out mid-story, "Wow, you ran a tight operation for a nine year old and with only a bike and a lawnmower!!" He laughed and finished explaining how he fashioned a bike-pulled-cart for transporting his lawnmower across town.

Matt's hard work obviously has paid off. Not only did he have a plan and goals as a child but nearing high school graduation he is just as focused, balanced and driven as ever. I'm excited to see what the next ten years hold for this guy!!

Of course, there are more of Matt's images coming soon but first on my blog I want to introduce you to Matt's GORGEOUS girlfriend, Hayley. I had the privilege of shooting both of their sessions last month. She's a determined and talented baker, cupcake blogger, raccoon charmer and hometown beauty. I'm looking forward to my next graduate feature : The lovely raccoon charmer.

My Best, Laura