We set out on our summer vacation to the Big Apple last week. There is so much inspiration to be gathered in NYC! We found ourselves overwhelmed with interesting sights and smells, constantly reaching for the camera - trying to capture all the things that inspire us most!

ABC Home & Carpet stole my attention and nearly my wallet as we wondered through Soho. I could have spent the entire afternoon perusing its well designed wares if there wasn't a huge city left to see. I have book marked it and its five floors of glory for my next trip. One entire level holds vintage pieces... beakers and bottles to sofas and books. Of course I couldn't wander through Soho with out stopping by to visit a few of my besties, Jack Spade, Stella McCartney and Betsy Johnson, not to leave out Aritzia, Topshop and Madewell... 

Stella wasn't so sure about the park especially when she realized she was in a dog area and not free to mingle with other New Yorkers. Even though it was a bit hilarious to see fur balls smaller then her 4.8 pound frame tearing round the fenced area trying to entice her to play. We are merciful and rescued Her Majesty once it was clear she had no intentions of humoring the other dogs.

Our days in Manhattan both began and ended with our friends, Tina and Andy, lounging on one of their decks enjoying a magnificent view of the city. Each one filled with laughs, Java and delightful food, it was just the way every day should begin and end.