To say I was anticipating this session would be the understatement of the month.  The frequent text messages and photos flying back and forth as we schemed and planned only drummed up more excitement. Volleyball, swimming, kittens, Gilly Hicks and feather extensions floated through my head as I constructed a plan for Shelby's sessions. Only a few questions loomed in my mind as I mulled over where to find kittens. (Shelby's cat had passed over into kitty heaven so this only fueled my ambition to figure out a way to incorporate her love of kitten's in the photos.) My youngest brother Henry, who's eight, generously offered his three "cutest and most tame" kittens. Selecting from the litter one of each color Henry had them in a grey plastic car carrier with handwritten instructions for their care. Adorable!  Cautious to follow instructions and return the siblings safely home to Henry, a watchful eye was kept on the threesome while I fussed over catching the perfect angles.

Credits: Shelby's mom, Sherri - the superhero of the photo shoot who thought of EVERYTHING!  Ready with water, snacks and towels willing to hold my reflectors, splash in the pool and stomp through nearly a mile of brush to a remote location I was anxious to use. Henry, for sharing your adorable pets with us. My willing Aunt and Uncle for the use of their pool and tropical oasis.  Of course, so many of these wonderful photos are possible because of you - Thanks!

xo- Laura