"Nice" isn't typically a word I reserve for Monday's. However, today was rather exceptional. If you have had the pleasure of listening to one of my (long-winded) discourses pivoting around fashion, you will quickly realize I love J.Crew. Perhaps more accurately put, I am a bit obsessed with J. Crew. When the quirky yet charismatic Jenna Lyons became the new Creative Director a few years ago I was in, hook, line and credit card. Of course, I had been a somewhat fair-weathered follower since High School. I would occasionally flip open their magazine whenever I had the urge to add a few classic well-fitting pieces to my closet. It wasn't until Jenna began sticking her stylish little finger in the pot at J. Crew did they receive my undivided attention. A few of my thoughts were as follows...

"How could a profitable, well-established company with a brand that WORKS afford to take so many risks? They literally tossed their tried and true "classic" style out the window in order to commit color palate faux pas as if it were the most sensible thing to do?"

At first I was baffled by this. However, in the weeks and months that followed her gutsy overhaul, I curiously took note. Sure she made mistakes, but her eager ambition proved to be a life line for the company, freshening their style and bringing in even more revenue then anyone thought possible. Who knew ten years ago that a brand as vanilla as J.Crew would ever reach such a fashion forward status and finally be able to play with the big kids in the industry?

People like Jenna inspire me to break out of my shell when it comes to my work. She reminds me that unless you're willing to make radical changes you'll never see radical results. As I found myself stuck in that awful rut of stagnancy on a drive to Champaign yesterday, my friend reminded me of all the reasons I do what I do, and more importantly, why I LOVE what I do. Challenging me to have confidence and to not be afraid of allowing my personality to show through in my writing. Always there to remind me that vanilla is NOT my flavor of the day, giving me the push I need to not only get out of my rut but to be bold and try the raspberry triple fudge!

This Monday I decided was going to be different. I walked into work today reenergized and with a fresh perspective. I started by surrounding myself with things that inspire me including this video by Madewell (J.Crew's sister store) and needless to say I love it...and think you might too!

What are things that inspire you to be bold? I'd love to hear them!

xo, Laura