She's an aspiring photographer with a flair for the extraordinary.

I had set out to find a few props specifically for Rosie's images. Her eclectic style was a perfect fit for a piece I had my eye on when thrifting in St. Louis this spring. I had happened across the most wonderful antiquated easel from a New York studio. I fell in L.O.V.E. but couldn't justify laying down the bucks to take it home... especially since a watchful eye was being kept on my ever growing collection of junk, errr...props. Sadly I had to leave the easel behind.

The perfect opportunity to welcome a brightly spattered piece to my already full studio presented itself when Rosie walked in. Oh how I wished I'd picked up that easel. It was serendipity that just later that same week while dropping off some clothes at a local charity I would stumble across a similar easel that we ended up using in Rosie's shoot. It was meant to be!

Have you ever known someone with a natural and effortless sense of style?

My brother, Pete has outstanding taste. Somehow he puts together some of the most interesting combinations with minimum effort that most people would be hesitant to try. He mixes and matches unusual textures and colors that just beg for a second look. Rosie too has this same innate sense of style.

These two make their own trends and rock them out convincingly because they never call attention to it - they know what they like and wear it with confidence. It wasn't more then a few moments into her session before I realized this. She carried herself with a sophisticated air and an cool that was untouchable ... even by the humidity. There were no freshen-ups necessary for Rosie. As we neared the last of her shots she effortlessly swept her hair up in a messy bun sans mirror. I was very impressed. This was the first time I've photographed another photobug who's comfortable in front of a camera. How wonderful and inspiring!

xoxo, Laura