The brilliant sunlight filtered down through the canopy top and danced all around us. It was the magical scene we had envisioned just months before while sitting on my yellow couch in the studio. The pale blonde highlights in her long hair nearly sparkled from where I stood behind my lens. As if watching the last details come to life in front of me, her hair softly fluttered by the breeze, framing those piercing blue eyes. How lovely! We meandered the park snapping shots and chatting about the intricacies of life. Conversation flowed along carrying us from topic to topic.  I couldn't help but notice the grin that softened her eyes as the subject matter turned to a certain sandy haired boy.

With the promise of a picnic to end the evening we set out to capture the details of their life. She brings the plans and agenda while he brings the witty commentary that dissolves her calm cool into a brilliant grin. He makes her laugh and she secretly loves it.

All the best to you both,


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