Today's 65 degrees has me excited for beach weather! Nearly every week this season my calendar tells me I have a sandy shoot planned. I can't wait!!

Before you load up the kids and head for Lake Michigan we are bouncing around outfit ideas. I know it can be a hard balance to stay within budget and on trend. Find outfits for everyone in your family that are neither all white and denim or feel too stuffy is challenging!

I've been gathering clothing for Stephanie's family shoot and was inspired by the non boring neutrals I found. The total budget arrived under $400 and is kid and parent friendly, whooo!

Happy Mother's Day! Hope this inspires your summer shopping and leaves you plenty of funny money left over. xo - Laura

Ideas for Mom (total $133.70) : Denim ruffle dress $49.90 / Citrus studs $12 / Straw hat $29.90 / Gold toe espadrilles $29.90 / Gold bracelet $12 (not pictured but I love both of these options with a dress, white sneakers $39.90 + square heeled ivory sandals ... because sometime you deserve it $99.90)

Ideas for Dad (total $113.35) : Linen long sleeve button down $44.95 / Sunnies $18.50 / Sneakers $49.90

Ideas for little boy (total $81.70) : Bermuda shorts $22.90 / Woven shirt $22.90/ Sneakers $35.90

Ideas for baby boy (total $68.70) : Overalls $25.90 / Animal print shirt $12.90 / Sneakers $29.90