I've been learning recently that flexible expectations can lead to interesting situations. (and unexpected photo shoots.)

I gotta tell you, I had no elaborate expectations for our Manhattan weekend other then a change of scenery from daily life in Chicago.

When my brother, Pete, wanted to surprise our significant others with a January trip to NYC, it sounded pretty good. Especially considering he offered to do allllll the planning. Win, win.

We'd heard bad weather was expected but brushed it off. One of my clients (a former New Yorker) suggested NYC always over predicts "weather" ... I mean how many Chi-beria winters have we survived to date?! No big deal. Hah Ha.

This is the moment you point a finger and laugh b/c this post is late and you already know how the story ends.

Of course, we high five-d after landing Friday morning in lovely Laguardia Airport. (I joke. Even my Maltipoo, Stella, isn't found of this place and she loves anything with equal amounts of stench.)

The welcome to NYC was complete with a terminal of angry faced passengers. This probably should have concerned us knowing these flights had been canceled due to a looming blizzard however, only NY Pizza was on our minds.

I don't need to tell the rest of this story... you already know Manhattan shut down EVERYTHING the weekend snowstorm Jonas visited. Forging for food and exploring the 47 floors of The Waldorf Astoria was not what I expected but I'll never forget it. Here is just an hour of our indoor adventure... Walking down the center of 5th Avenue midday with not a person in sight was just a once in a lifetime experience. I'm sure next time I'll stick to the sidewalk.

Happy adventuring friends! xx- Laura