We just wanted a few days away. Simple, uncomplicated, inspiring.  Here's a quick taste, sights and snaps, from our weekend.

Can't stand to walk by the market beside Central Station without stopping.

I've been obsessive about interesting light fixtures and marble probably since birth. As if you can't tell.

More of the outfits our EC stylist packed for me here.  Only 15 items in my carry on and 90 degree heat... I was changing on the regular!

I'm always looking forward to any slice of time I get to spend with this free spirit. I brought her a new Bite lipstick... I don't think she's gone a day without it since. Oh, I just love her.

China Through the Looking Glass at the MET was so inspiring I literally got lost taking it all in. Even my hubby (who's a commodities trader at CBOT) with literally no connection to fashion LOVED this multimedia experience! It's a must!

Every one of the fancy pants designers has a gown displayed... swoon... but don't touch please.

A break for our feet in Central Park at The Boat House. That didn't stop mine from swelling to the size of a butternut squash. Two weeks since our trip and I'm just easing back into my routine with out limping. Yikes, my body can't keep up sometimes.

Clint and I took the North Shore ferry to Brooklyn but didn't make it further the Shake Shack. I've been meaning to spend more time in Brooklyn but my swollen foot said no. We opted for a cab to Wall Street instead. Ibuprofen became my dear friend.

Spent all our downtime on the patio watching the tomatoes turn red and learning from this NY homemaker about city gardening.

Is there such a thing as a window eater? hah ha. I didn't buy any macaroons but I ate my share of New York Style pizza at Vezzo.  Sarge's cheesecake may have ruined me, this Jewish deli makes it so fluffy and light. Oh, and the seafood lasagna. Ok, I'll stop now.

Thirsty much? St Germain was our weekend favorite, Tina makes them perfect. 2 parts Brut champagne, 1.5 parts St Germain liqueur, 2 parts sparkling water. Stir in a tall, ice filled glass until mixed completely. Garnish with a lemon twist. Pairs best on a patio with friends and your feet up.

G'night Manhattan. You never disappoint me. 

Until next Sunday at 7pm! Laura

P.S. Clint and I are taking my sister to Rome in a few weeks and am thinking about having my suitcase styled for me again. It's a bit of a longer trip so I will need a few more things but living light is something I want to practice more often. It feels so refreshing and carefree. Which reminds me of another project in the Everyday Charming office. We're creating seasonal style capsules, which is a limited set of clothing you are able to mix and match without much effort. I suppose you could say suitcase styling falls in this line too. That's all for tonight friends. More soon, but now some rest. xx

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