I'd love to introduce you to the fashionable, Lee Ann Bachman. I've followed her personal style over the years with rapt attention. Finally had a chance to catch up and ask a few questions about her personal style ... Bonus, a style board I created inspired by Lee Ann's last photo shoot - Laura

"I don't have a specific person that has influenced my style because style is about the individual. Certain clothes don't fit the same on everyone so although I may like the way a person dresses I don't necessarily ask them where they bought their outfit because it may look completely outrageous on me!"

"I like casual chic; shorts or jeans with a patterned top and did I mention, I LOVE JEWELRY! Mix and matching patterns is fun but I also like a simple top from J. Crew with a lil' dainty necklace."

"If I could only wear 5 things until 2015 it would be...

1. A good pair of leggings (I'm loving my leather paneled leggings from Nordstrom)

2. Chunky knit sweater...effortless but still looks put together.

3. I am obsessed with Booties - you can wear them with anything.. I already have 7 pairs. Oops!!!

4. Winter Coat.. These Illinois winters are brutal.

5. Plaid ANYTHING... I love that this is coming back and my husband is a farmer so I find myself throwing on a flannel to ride along with him... you still have to have style in a combine!"

"My personal style is more trendy but less expensive. I love looking at blogs for what's new and catches my eye, then trying to find the look for less. I like to shop often so I need to have a budget for outfits, although I do splurge on certain pieces! 

I love going to Chicago with my mom and sisters. We always make a lil' weekend trip, plus eat really good food. It makes shopping so much more enjoyable!! Bonus, they are honest with what looks good and tell me when something doesn't work.

If you don't quite know your style...experiment. Your style is constantly evolving because you are too, now let change reflect in your clothes!!" - As told to me by Lee Ann herself.


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