A little secret has been kept over here at Everyday Charming that has developed over the weeks. Now its finally time to talk about it! We are proud to introduce you to two of our new associate photographers. Zoe Weston... and Danae Hoerr... Two girls with passion, energy, and talent. Whats their specialty? Capturing your little one doing what he or she does best, being a kid.


We asked Zoe and Danae what makes a Charming Child photo shoot special to them. Zoe mentioned that she loves the ability to freeze a moment in time, especially for children when change is happening so quickly. Danae described that her heart fills up with happiness when she captures the true personalities of the little ones and is able to share that with their parents.


Whats their secret to putting children at ease behind the lens? They revealed that by having the child in their natural element, either at home or a favorite play area. The feeling of comfort is already there for the child. The two also divulge that their focus is not to depict perfection, but more the action and the energy in that current stage of life.


What would these two girls like to see more of in their photographs? Both mentioned the importance of mom. How each of them looked through photos of their childhood and realized that their mothers were hardly in them, most likely the one who was taking the picture. Zoe and Danae feel that her presence is important and often missing. So, to take photos whether it be mom in the background or interacting with her children is an idea they want to explore.


Take a peak at the Charming Child Facebook page and get a glimpse of what Zoe and Danae are up to! And if you have a minute leave us a comment. We would love to know what you think about incorporating moms into the photos.