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"Fashions fade, style is eternal." — Yves Saint-Laurent


"My Personal Style is classic with bit of trend mixed in. I love a minimal look where the silhouette says more then the embellishments on the clothes. Learning to play with proportions can bring a new perspective to your wardrobe. I start with researching blogs and magazines, gathering inspiration for the different silhouettes of the season. Often I find that I have these clothes already in my closet, and with a little tweak, a nip or a tuck, Voila! I have a new outfit." 


"Gain a fresh take on an older item by repurposing your clothes. I have a few scooped shirts that some days I wear front to back and then the other way around depending on what look I want to achieve. I try to stick to a lower budget for my wardrobe which is why I focus on classics and then add amazing accessories. Last but not least, add a fantastic lipstick. Lipstick fools everyone even when you realize that your wearing your shirt inside out!" 


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If I could only wear 5 things until 2015 it would be….


1. I love a good Chelsea boot, or just about any ankle boot. I usually wear flats or something with a well balanced heel so I can keep up with my active son.

2. Skinny jeans in a dark color with a lot of stretch but not jeggings. My Uniqulo black jeans are in high rotation.

3. Cotton T-shirts, short or long sleeve. I wear them all the time under my sweaters, loving a layered look!

4. Warm leggings! I rotate between four to five fleece lined leggings. I find them warmer then pants and a lot easier to layer with, during the cold months. 

5. A great coat! I like to have a few in rotation. The weather does crazy things in Montreal and it’s nice to have a coat to suit the climate and my mood.

"I always notice amazing women that dress very dynamically and I take a mental note to figure out how to apply that look for myself. I think that is the most fun…the challenge of freshening up my look, keeping current but also maintaining my own sense of self. Luckily I have an identical twin sister who I've tried new styles on to see how it looks. This totally helps, I recommend getting a twin!"

Thank you to Chantal Houtteman for these helpful tips. Read more about her fashionable life here. 

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