Katie's blue eyes are as brilliant and striking as any I've ever photographed. She had arranged for one of her sessions to be photographed at the Pettengill-Morron House in Peoria, IL. This was a first for me and the historic home held no disappointments. Elated to have full access to the entire mansion we snapped at our leisure throughout the gorgeous victorian home.

Katie and her animated pet provided me many playful moments of candidness as we took our photo parade to her backyard and neighbors barn. The second child of three, her easygoing and playful spirit quickly surfaced during this session. She has a casualness about her that makes you immediately comfortable. I could only smile (and take a photo) to watch her twirl nonchalantly in the wild grasses. Katie has such a broad array of interests that narrowing down this list was difficult. There was no way to capture each one but I'm grateful for the opportunity to highlight a few of her favorites.

Congratulations on your senior year, Katie!