"Mooooommmm, I only wear skinny jeans!" protested Scarlet, her little voice carrying quite impressively for being only three.  Of course I laugh.  It was adorable.  Somehow I was the only one who missed the memo... you NEVER laugh at a three year old!

It's been two years since this little exchange and I find myself biting my tongue yet again, willing back the giggle trying to escape.  The twins proudly announce their future plans as Florence and the Machine is being played from a speaker somewhere. Scarlet dances over to where I'm standing. "I'm gonna be a rock star when I grow up," she states, her sparkly little shoes never missing a beat.  Georgie swings around tosses a hand on her hip, "Oh... and I'm gonna be a super model!" I take a minute to swallow another giggle and just smile at the animated pair.

The girls are so proud of their new brother, Griffin and take turns holding him and tickling his cheeks.  He contently watches the scene with bright eyes as the twins blow bubbles his way.  Their bright colored tights, ballet skirts and graphic tee's match the twins' personalities... to a tee!

xo, Laura