Her style and grace defied all odds that day. The drive through dozens of tiny towns was long and I began to worry when my GPS gave out but three dirt roads later I was greeted by enchanted gardens and a rolling estate. It wasn't just warm, it was undeniably a steamy Illinois afternoon. Poor Hilary. It was the kind of day that you wouldn't expect your hair to last more then five minutes. A cloud of dust announced her arrival. In just a short amount of time the back of their black SUV became a private dressing room (with tinted windows, of course). Hilary's mom had become a pro with photo sessions, helping out with all the little details - her littlest sister served as an adorable distraction from the heat and mosquitoes. Thus began our adventure. We finished her session with bug bites and lighthearted laughs. Here's to you Hil ... a determined young woman ... and a rockstar... you're going to go far with that upbeat attitude and cheerful look at life!!

xoxo - Laura