Most of my spare time lately has been dedicated to product shoots. I've been sneaking them into my schedule between our regular portrait sessions for Everyday Charming and Charming In Love. This is becoming my creative bliss. In fact, during my early morning "mental time outs" I'm finding myself wondering into creative la-la-land, dreaming up plans for my upcoming shoots. It makes me wish for more gym time. Hah, certainly a first.

Anyways, this was a crazy day last month we shot three back-to-back sessions for The Lightning Co. and Retrofit Culture. It's always a good day when you get to work with your old pals plus meet new ones too. Say hello over on Instagram @adventurer_al @thelightnighco @retrofitculture

Before I forget! Allison's delicate gold jewelry is complements of Rocksbox - if you love getting sparkly things in the mail like I do - stop by their site and pick out 3 of your favs. Make sure to use my code at check out -  LAURABFF707 - for a free month of bling, no strings. Enjoy!! 

See you next Sunday at 7pm! xoxo Laura Rose