They met a few weeks before their freshman year at Illinois Central College, almost a full decade ago in August 2005. Megan was there to play volleyball and Zack golf. They lived in the same building and immediately connected through mutual friends.



Zack fell in love with Megan from day one. Because she was always in a relationship, Megan put him in the "friend zone" (which wasn't bad since they still hung out all of the time). Despite Zack's efforts over the next 2 years to take the friendship to the next level, they remained only friends, but the best of friends.



May 2007 took them separate ways. Megan to Chicago pursuing her passion of interior design and Zack headed to St. Louis to continue his golf career. Despite the distance, they stayed close and occasionally made trips to see each other. As Megan's relationship at the time grew more serious, the friendship begin falling off (partly due to Zack's jealousy).



From 2010 to 2012, Megan and Zack almost fell completely out of touch. Zack finished grad school and moved to Oklahoma with his girlfriend close behind. Megan remained in her serious relationship for a time, but it too eventually ended.



The only reason the two remained in touch was by way of a friend's wedding in October 2011. This was the first time Megan and Zack had seen each other in almost 2 years.



After the wedding things went back to way they'd been for the previous year with Megan and Zack not talking at all. However on Christmas Day, while still in Oklahoma and recently single, Zach reached out to Megan. By the end of that day, he had booked a flight to Chicago for Megan's birthday.



The evening of Friday, January 27th, 2013 Zack flew into Chicago and Megan was there to pick him up. It was the second time they'd seen each other in over 3 years. They'd both be lying if they said they weren't nervous. Naturally, they picked up where they'd left off, except this time a romantic spark happened for the both of them.


2013 saw more trips to Chicago visiting Megan. They weren't dating, but were constantly in contact. Megan didn't go home that Thanksgiving but headed to Oklahoma to see Zack (no home for the holidays with this job). After 8 years the timing was finally perfect when "I love you" was shared for the first time.


Zack had to get to Chicago.

He'd always pictured himself ending up in the Midwest; either Chicago or St. Louis and now was the time to make it happen. Fortunately, his company had an opportunity to relocate. In January 2014 he accepted a position and moved to Chicago a month later.



Megan and Zack took the trip of a lifetime to Europe at the end of 2014. Spending time together since Zack had moved to Chicago just confirmed he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Megan (something he pondered all those years ago). 



February 28th, 2015 marked the day Zack proposed on a ski lift at Granite Peak. Of course Megan said, "yes" and has been planning their June 2016 destination wedding ever since. (Edited version - as told by Zack.)


We've only just kicked off our wedding photography site this Valentines day and I'm excited to show off my first Charming In Love couple! To see all their images click HERE.

Wishing you both the most exciting wedding getaway and life together. Let me tell you, the best is yet to come. xo - Laura