Here's another reason to celebrate; three non-maternity tops to last beyond the 9 months you carry your little pea. Yes, go crazy, buy all three for under $100! Plus, we've put together some chic tips for wearing your new pieces with baby on board and looking very on-trend.

The essentials list :
White Tank - Target

Black Tank - Free People 

Black Tee - Madewell



When wearing shirts with side slits, choose maternity jeans with a full band in a dark color (navy/black). It will look more like a tank top and blend better than a nude band. Plus, if your black belly band shows (like in the shot above) it will actually make you look smaller then a nude band. (Examine these pics very closely to see what we mean, talk about camouflaging a situation!)



Black is the most flattering and slimming when pregnant, but choose different textures in the same tone to mix and match.



Try shirts with cut-outs, off the shoulder neckline, interesting straps - details to distract from the belly.

Victoria secret sports bras -- they are super comfortable but look like a real bra under t-shirts. Bonus, they have cool straps that can enhance your basic tanks.



Find ways to incorporate other non-maternity clothes that are on trend, including jackets, shoes, and jewelry. (We love these adjustable necklaces from Madewell.)



Try on different cuts of shirts to find out which ones drape well over your new curves, everyone's are slightly unique!



Maxi dresses made with quality, thicker fabric hold up well through pregnancy. Plus they are super easy to throw on when you don't want to think about an outfit or wear tight pants.



Maternity jeans come in all price points. Make sure they are tight enough to keep their shape. I like the H&M jeans - I have grey and blue jean. (Gap jeans haven't kept their shape as well.)



You can still play with proportion when pregnant - (ex. Short skirts/long tanks/leggings, Vintage crop tops over black maxi dress)


Grab a (non-maternity) jean jacket/vest to offset mainly black/grey/navy wardrobe

You will also want neutral booties/tennis shoes that go with everything!


Thanks to my friend, Trisha Sutton for sharing her style opinions and modeling for this post in collaboration with Charming Child. She has a way of making those pre-baby months look very fashionable.

Headed your way soon, I'll be sharing styling tips from Annie at Label by Legoe, an Australian Maternity Fashion line, launching this September. (We are planning a styled photo shoot with Annie this summer to kick off her new line!)

Next Sunday... I'm backkk with destination wedding tips taken from my spring nuptials. I'll be dishing on why you will want to write your own vows and how to plan a impromptu wedding toast.

Hope your weekend was warm, relaxing and full of way too much coffee. cheers, Laura