We know you're trying to decide what to toss in your suitcase for NYE, so I grabbed a few friends to dish our ideas.

Packing lighter and smarter is my travel mantra and items that work overtime are top of my list. (Feel like you've heard this before? Yep. NYC travel light post and here too.) I.e. a dress that fits the bill for dinner with parents and turns into festive party attire in 3 minutes umm, YESSS!

5pm Dinner with parents : dressing formula : Simple dress + tights + heels + jacket

3 min outfit transition : Add LIPSTICK! Ditch the tights. Change your shoes. Add statement jewelry.

8pm Festive party : dressing formula : Simple dress + boots + lipstick + jewelry + jacket

Did you notice what you can do with 3 minutes?! Double dipping from your wardrobe can make your holiday outfits a million times easier (let's not forget that airline weight limit, uggg!)

4 slight changes to your outfit and you are arriving in a NEW outfit. (not really, but it looks that way!) Plan ahead and choose a nail color that is festive AND transitional. It's easier to change your lip color then your nails. Give it a try and enjoy your holiday!

Catch you next Sunday at 7pm! xoxo - Laura Rose Davis


Behind the scenes : Our pal, Alison, compiled a wish list inspired by her photo shoot. Check it out here.  The vintage furrrrr Ali's wearing (and that we're all fighting over) is compliments of Retro Fit... the color changes in the light... ahh! Finish your party look warming up with a beanie from our friends at TNL. Snag yours while they're still here!