Stylist interview with Velman Parham:


How would you describe your personal style?

"I take classic pieces and mix them with something that's modern. I find that it shows off my youth but also my eye for style."

What are your favorite winter items that make an outfit pop?

"I love red checked shirts. Red is the best winter color and you can't help but notice it."


Who are your biggest style influences?

"David Beckham and Kanye West, they both know how to make outfits add up on the scale of fashion; from dressing up, to super casual and everything in between. They always are trendsetters."

When did you first become interested in style and clothing?

"Back in high school when I first went to prom and wore a suit. The ladies noticed, so from then on I put more effort in how I dress."

What are the 3 pieces you think every man's wardrobe needs?

"Every man needs a good chambray shirt as well as great dark pair of jeans and an item with some history to it. Perhaps something you've inherited from your family like a bracelet or a watch." 


How can you take a piece of clothing that is typically formal and make it feel less stuffy?

"I like to take tuxedo shirts and pair them with a nice pair of elevated sweatpants. This gives it more of a casual look while still being classy and fun. Also, I always like to look at GQ and see how they put together an outfit."

Where are your favorite go to places to shop?

"I love J.crew and not just because I'm a stylist there. They have such classic pieces that I know I can wear forever. John Elliott + Co is where I find my more casual wear. Most recently I've fallen in love with Saturday Surf NYC."



Velman is a 26 year old Los Angeles born stylist. He's a big fan of classic looks with an updated feel. He uses his nostalgia as inspiration to create timeless looks with meaning. Vel, attended the University of New Mexico and currently works as a stylist at J.Crew. A big thanks to Velman for working with me to style the clothing for this photo shoot with Lee Grander.





Q+A with Lee Grander, clothing styled by Velman Parham and Laura Romero.



How would you describe yourself? 


"I am a Christian student-athlete and have a passion for ministry, business, sports and music."

We heard Garrets Popcorn changed your life?


"Garrets Popcorn has turned my life upside down, I am now aware that popcorn is one of my favorite snack foods."


You attended another university before Loyola, what brought you back to Chicago?


"I transferred from North Carolina State University to be at a smaller school where there is more of a relationship between students and professors, to be closer to my family (who lives in Naperville), to further my business pursuits, and to continue my soccer career under an incredible coaching staff!"


Ketchup or mustard?




So we know you won't be fined by your team for gaining a few pounds, but how seriously do you have to work out to stay competitive?


"Our training is six days a week, about three to four hours a day. Mostly playing soccer but also running, lifting and watching film!"



Your Dad taught you lots of things among being succeeding at life… Can you tell us about this?


"My parents are great and I love them both. The biggest lesson they taught me was to love people and that anything worth doing is worth doing right, or with all of your effort."



You love trying new things… tell us about your craziest new experience.


"This past summer my family and I traveled to Amsterdam and London. When we were there we went to the University of Exeter where J.K. Rowling went to school, as well as walked the ally that she based ‘Diagon Alley’ in Harry Potter off of."



Where do you plan to spend your holiday break? 


"This winter I will be spending half of the time at home with my family in Naperville, and the other half with my brother in Colorado. We have planned a bro trip to go snowboarding that I am very excited about!"