I've been called many things but I'm pretty certain vandal isn't one of them.

There have been moments of severe temptation. Where adding some "whimsical" graffiti to a boring brick bank wall may have crossed my mind. I've perhaps mentioned it in conversation ... ehem ... regularly.

I'd even admit there are many things I'd do for a photo but maintaining my dignity is something I've waved good bye to almost seven years ago when I first picked up my camera.

I feel the need to say all this because "happening" upon a bit of simple graffiti with Hailey's name (spelled correctly, no less) sure sounded like something I might do. Hailey's sweet mother looked shocked when I told her weeks later I had not been the one to paint that unfortunate wall. Again, I would do nearly anything for my beloved clients but this time it was fate - in my favor.

Now that we have that outta the way, let me introduce you to Hailey. She literally glows with the most beautiful luminous skin matching her mother's (sans any of the beauty products I carry along to every shoot). Natural blonde curls with plenty of bounce cascade her shoulders and are a signature Miss Cross look. Even my Extreme-Hold Tresemme can was present but not really needed on this session. I will just let her photos do the talking...

I'm looking forward to unpacking the rest of Hailey's session right here in blogosphere - catch ya then!

Much Love, Laura