Some people believe in being born lucky or destine to a perfect life. The kind of life where everyone sports a thick head of USA-Network-hair, have wildly talented children and pristinely straight pearly whites - naturally. Five years ago I photographed Daren + Jenny and their four ridiculously charming kids. I was literally in shock watching their ease in front of my camera! They had hauled fishing gear to the Sportsmen's Club, their family hangout, just outside of town. This crew felt more like best friends then it did a family of three teenagers, a five year old and their fun-loving parents. I had a hard time keeping up with their antics as they splashed on the beach, wrestled in the leaves, held a mini-fishing derby, and canoed around the lake - which ended in more splashing. Being a member of their family looked like so much fun, I was singing their praises for days to my editor (at the time), Kyle.

Obviously this has been many moons ago. The Martin's, in my opinion, haven't changed much since their last family portrait except in proximity and fur. They still remind you of that perfect T.V. family, plus two adorable and energetic dogs. The two oldest kids have moved to bigger cities now but are still as close as ever with their siblings. Even D + J's home feels like happiness with its bright cheerful colors and cozy seating. I could spend hours here (and have)! I love this energetic bunch and know when they're around there with be no end to the playful and at times chaotic entertainment.

Unnaturally lucky or overwhelmingly blessed? You be the judge.

xo, Laura

P.S. I loved the Martin's photo session five years ago so much it was featured on my website and even today I cannot bring myself to replace it - just gives me warm fuzzies to remember. You can check them out too at under the family section.